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Club Meetings

Our next Club general Meeting will on Friday 14th October at Lakeside College, Pakenham.

The Oilrag

Latest Oilrag:

Oilrag- September 2016

Local Council Elections and Our NewHome

You will all be aware of the on-going saga of our search for a new permanent home. With the up-coming Council elections, we felt it was important that we find out what level of commitment each of the candidates have for our club.

Each candidate was sent a short history of the project and a questionnaire on their attitude to PAC and its search for a new home.

The  letter and questionnaire and each candidates responses can be found below:

Letter and Questionnaire

Carol Ryan
David Nickell
Jessie Christie
Leticia Wilmot
Richard Sherman
Vanessa Van Gransberg

Jodie Owen

Tankformers Bluerock Stages

Group 5 Round 2 Khanacross(rescheduled)

Sunday 13th November 2016

Supp regs coming soon